The Broadband Solutions network was built specifically for business use. We understand the demands of business and hospitality and we provide fast, reliable and reasonably priced broadband solutions. We are highly confident in the reliability and performance of our network - so confident that our plans come with an industry leading Service Level Agreement which guarantees 99.95% uptime.*

Corporate and business solutions

  • Improve your connection speed
  • Failsafe your connection
  • Reduce your voice costs
  • Secure & simplify your network
  • Connect multiple locations to one network
  • Reduce your connection costs
  • Take control of your bandwidth

Hospitality solutions

  • Guestroom connectivity
  • Conference & event internet upgrades
  • Common area internet solutions
  • Short term data/bandwidth upgrades
  • VoIP services
  • WiFi enhancement
  • In-room entertainment services
  • Connect multiple locations to one network
  • Bandwidth management