Close the Loop (CtL), an Australian recycling and resource recovery company, found that Broadband Solutions could meet their unique customer needs in a way other Internet Service Providers could not. Combined with exceptional technical support and fast turnaround times, the partnership has allowed them to get more out of their own valuable resources.


Specialising in post consumer recycling, Close the Loop has established a global reputation for providing creative end-of-life product management services to leading global manufacturers of consumer and business-to-business products. In partnership with 13 major printer manufacturers, CtL has established a network of over 35,000 collection points around Australia. With collection and processing facilities in Australia and the US, CtL employs over 170 people.


Originally on a slow dial-up connection, CtL’s Australian plant lacked access to ADSL, so they urgently needed a wireless network in order to manage critical business operations. The solution had to be cost-effective with rapid turnaround times for both implementation and support for any network issues.

“Our production line and customer support are dependant on the network, so if that service is down and we’re not able to resolve it quickly then the company is losing money by the minute,” explains Kesh Nair, IT Project Architect.

Additionally, CtL required a dedicated network connection between Melbourne and one of their biggest customers in Mexico to support an internal production line.


“Telstra had told us that in order to set up a wireless network we would need a dedicated line. That would have cost a lot of money so we scrapped that right away as affordability was a key requirement,” says Nair. “We went with Broadband Solutions because not only could they provide a wireless network but they could meet also our unique customer needs in Mexico, which was something not a lot of other ISPs could do.”

In addition, Broadband Solutions implemented a VPN connection between CtL’s Australian and US plants for internal file sharing, as well as a standard Internet connection for all staff Internet access, file sharing and database management.


In over five years of working with Broadband Solutions, Close the Loop has come to rely on their technical expertise, flexibility and responsiveness.

“The main reason why I would pick Broadband Solutions over other providers is basically rapid development,” says Nair. “They can do implementations very quickly and quite seamlessly, where there is less involvement having local resources on site to help them out or support them.”

“Their customer service is also very, very good. It’s probably the best I’ve experienced with any network IT vendor. Firstly, the quality of service, it’s always reliable and accurate information and I’ve never had to double check their advice and, secondly, their rapid turnaround when you have urgent issues. I’ve had instances when I needed implementation done on the day of request and they’ve quite easily met that. They’ve also gone above and beyond, working on weekends or after hours… In this day and age it’s very hard to get that level of service.”

Nair says other major benefits to their business have been the 99.99% service uptime guarantee Broadband Solutions offers; the cost savings achieved through being able to have an off-site call centre; their secure online ordering system; and reduced costs overall. Last but not least has been Broadband Solutions’ ability and willingness to meet their needs, whatever the circumstance. “The other big thing is that they’ve always said yes. They’ve never said ‘No, that implementation is impossible or out of our scope’, which is quite unusual for a small business.”

“As a result, we’ve been able to expand our network and meet our internal stakeholder requirements, which wouldn’t have been possible if Broadband Solutions couldn’t provide scalability in their service.”


Having seen such great results with their existing solutions, CtL is now turning to Broadband Solutions once more to consolidate their PABX and Internet services by implementing a Virtual PABX company-wide.

This will allow the company to save on calls between sites, as well as mobile phone bills when staff are travelling, and allow for centralised management of the global system. There’s also no upfront capital cost and CtL will no longer have to dedicate internal resources to disaster recovery.

“The current [telephony] vendor is not as responsive. Having dealt with Broadband Solutions for our network services we know that it will be more advantageous to consolidate – saving us time and money on call costs and infrastructure.”

  • Dedicated network connection running from CtL in Australia to a customer’s site in Mexico, which is used for production.
  • A VPN connection for CtL’s off-site call centre.
  • Site-to-site connection between Australian and US plants used for internal file sharing.
  • Standard Internet connection for staff Internet access, file-sharing and database management.
  • Virtual company-wide PABX
  • Rapid development and implementation of solutions
  • Reduced capital and operational expenditure
  • High level of expertise means local resources or other external vendors aren’t required for support in implementation.
  • A stable and streamlined network connection
  • Good redundancy for network connectivity
  • Experienced support technicians on-call
  • Call cost and infrastructure savings with Virtual PABX
  • Consolidated Internet and Telephone.

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