Escarpment Group currently consists of Echoes Boutique Hotel and Restaurant, Lillianfels Resort and Spa, Parklands Country Gardens and Lodges and Hydro Majestic Hotel. Each hotel is iconic, steeped into the history of the Blue Mountains and providing a unique luxury experience. Escarpment Group is committed to offering high end tourism, rare in regional NSW and began working with Broadband Solutions to ensure they were providing guests and their business with the best possible connectivity.


The hospitality industry is changing rapidly, adapting to the trends and changes in the ways guests are using technology, particularly the internet. Although the hotel locations in the Blue Mountains are considered regional, in order to provide high end tourism, internet and phone services must be of an excellent standard. Internet for guests is always a priority but pivotal to the success of Escarpment Group is a stable network that connects all sites enabling each property to be managed effectively and efficiently.

“The major challenge for us is that the Blue Mountains are regional and ADSL still dominates here unlike major cities. We needed to be able to connect our four sites together and provide the best possible service for our guests. One of the things that attracted us to Broadband Solutions was their proactive approach and the fact that nothing was impossible,” said Peter Redman, Chief Engineer of Escarpment Group.

Escarpment Group must also prepare for busier periods and infrastructure that allows for future upgrades.


“Talking to Broadband Solutions opened our eyes to so many possible solutions we had not yet considered. They are so proactive, helped explain and work with us to ensure we received the best solution for us” said Escarpment Group General Manager, Ralf Bruegger.

Broadband Solutions offered Escarpment Group a selection of tailored solutions. The preferred solution was a fibre connection to each site with backup data connectors and deployed Broadband Solutions managed routers to identify the type of traffic.

Broadband Solutions created a private VRF network to connect all sites together and ensure data is kept secure and away from internet traffic. In the event of another site added to the hotel portfolio the VRF network allows for this to be easily and cost effectively attached onto the same private VRF saving deployment and setup costs.

“At the exponential rate technology is advancing we can’t predict what is around the corner however we are confident Broadband Solutions have provided us with a future proof solution. The fibre at each site is high quality, capable of many services over the 1 fibre and allow for future upgrades,” explains Mr. Redman.

Broadband Solutions utilized SIP gateways at each site and turned IP into a connectivity that PABX systems recognize as traditional ISDN physical lines. They also offer robust and Australian based support and have proven to be flexible and available to work with IT integrators to ensure all services come together smoothly.

“Broadband Solutions were happy to work with other suppliers as well to ensure we had the best solution possible. They also introduced us to different technology. We enjoy being their guinea pigs our guests love to hear we are trying new things,” added Mr. Bruegger.


Broadband Solutions have provided Escarpment with a realization of their initial goals. Future proof high speed connectivity has been implemented at each site and a network has been supplied that not only hosts internet but also provides a secure private network with all hotels connected using existing PABX.

To simplify the process Broadband Solutions collates all data and phone services onto the one bill with voice connectivity over IP to reduce call rates. Mr. Redman explains, “With BBS we don’t have to use numerous suppliers as they manage our phones, internet and even open our minds to new technology and ways of doing things.”

Using SIP VoIP technology have given Escarpment Group competitive advantage in the Blue Mountains area with free local and national calls, cheap mobile calls as well as free internal calls between each of the hotels.

The tailored solution delivered to Escarpment Group was designed from the ground up and continues to be backed by local and 24 hour support.

“We pride ourselves on giving exceptional service to our guests. Broadband Solutions provide exemplary 24/7 support which continues after implementation. To this day if we make a call to upper management they answer and do whatever they can to help. This level of support is hard to find which is another reason why we value our relationship with Broadband Solutions and are excited to keep working with them in the future,” said Mr. Bruegger.

  • Fibre connection for guest internet and secure private network
  • Broadband Solutions managed routers deployed in each site
  • Private VRF network
  • Utilisation of SIP gateways to turn IP into a connectivity PABX systems recognize as traditional ISDN lines


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