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Why #GenNBN should influence your IT planning

“There is one feature that has galvanised Australians across every generation since WWII and possibly longer and that is the irrepressible pursuit of lifestyle” – Bernard Salt
This month, NBN Co released an interesting report compiled by KPMG demographer Bernard Salt. The report looks at the ways in which Australians use technology in their daily lives. Unsurprisingly, the trends reflect the […]

Copyright and your Rights

At Broadband Solutions, we proudly provide Internet connectivity to over 80% of Australian hotels and businesses, both large and small, all across Australia.

As part of our commitment to our customers, we maintain a vigilant lookout for technical and legal developments that have the potential to impact their businesses. Recently, the Federal Court handed down its decision in the Dallas Buyers […]

Education technology only as good as it’s weakest link.

The need for high speed broadband in Australian schools is more urgent than ever, as high-tech teaching programs quickly become the norm.

The increasing speed of the Internet in Australia and the proliferation of affordable connected devices have powered an education renaissance. Connected applications and smart device policies have helped schools improve teaching and cut equipment costs. […]

Tips for setting up a new office

1. Location location
Setting up a new office can be both daunting and exciting. Do your research and take time to check out a range of properties in various locations before making a final decision. Unless there’s a business case for being in a particular location e.g. you need to locate close to a certain client or supplier, it’s a good […]

About Broadband Solutions

Broadband Solutions purpose-built one of Australia’s largest and most reliable IP networks specifically for business. Our network carries the internet and telephony traffic for some of Australia’s largest companies and government departments, as well as over 80% of hotels in Australia.

In this video some of our clients talk about their business broadband requirements and expectations, and their experiences with Broadband Solutions. We hear from Close the Loop, Escarpment Group and Kingswood Primary School.

Kingswood Primary Case Study

Aaron Cox, ICT Coordinator and teacher, Kingswood Primary School, speaks about the school’s experience with Broadband Solutions. Whether it’s the day-to-day needs for student education or the provision of additional bandwidth for the school’s annual ICT Conference, Broadband Solutions works with the school to ensure they have the service they need, and one they can always rely on.

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