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Can data retention laws save Australia from terrorism and piracy?

Downloaded shock and awe down under – Australia amongst the world’s worst? Surely this could not be. But yes, a recent report on internet piracy named this country as one of the worst offenders and now it has been suggested that Australia could kill two birds with one stone with new data retention laws. The Federal Police believe that the […]

The flaws in Australia’s proposed piracy legislation

The announcement of Australia as one of the world’s worst offenders of piracy has sparked discussion of the nation’s next piracy policy which could leave Internet Service Providers (ISPs) liable and financially responsible for copyright infringement. In a bid to make ISPs take greater responsibility, the Australian Government has proposed legislation that has outraged ISPs.

It’s no secret that defeating piracy […]

Hospitality Trends: Internet usage and Wifi deployment

This report summarises the current landscape of internet usage and Wifi deployment in the Australian hospitality industry. Trends, challenges and opportunities are identified and a snapshot of hotel chains and their current Internet bandwidth is provided.
Today’s guest at a hotel arrives with an average 3 devices – laptop, mobile, tablet and many of these devices can only use data when […]

The importance of Internet and redundancy at your accommodation facility

Sam Bashiry – June 14, 2011

Wireless Hotspots
Wireless Hotspots are often a great way to introduce Internet to your establishment. This can be offered as a free service to patrons as a value added benefit of staying at your motel or a paid service that can provide you with an additional income stream. A Wireless Hotspot is an area within your […]

About Broadband Solutions

Broadband Solutions purpose-built one of Australia’s largest and most reliable IP networks specifically for business. Our network carries the internet and telephony traffic for some of Australia’s largest companies and government departments, as well as over 80% of hotels in Australia.

In this video some of our clients talk about their business broadband requirements and expectations, and their experiences with Broadband Solutions. We hear from Close the Loop, Escarpment Group and Kingswood Primary School.

Kingswood Primary Case Study

Aaron Cox, ICT Coordinator and teacher, Kingswood Primary School, speaks about the school’s experience with Broadband Solutions. Whether it’s the day-to-day needs for student education or the provision of additional bandwidth for the school’s annual ICT Conference, Broadband Solutions works with the school to ensure they have the service they need, and one they can always rely on.

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