Education technology only as good as it’s weakest link.

The need for high speed broadband in Australian schools is more urgent than ever, as high-tech teaching programs quickly become the norm.

Technology is everywhere in modern schools.

Technology is everywhere in modern schools.

The increasing speed of the Internet in Australia and the proliferation of affordable connected devices have powered an education renaissance. Connected applications and smart device policies have helped schools improve teaching and cut equipment costs.

In many schools, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs allow teachers and students to bring their own equipment to school, where they utilise the schools Internet connection and network. These programs help schools minimise their equipment costs and enhance the classroom experiences of both teachers and students.

Similarly, distance education programs allow lessons to continue beyond the classroom, with homework and projects being able to be completed from home and abroad – particularly useful for those schools servicing Australia’s remote communities.

However, as more and more devices come online, problems such as network congestion and slow download speeds begin to make otherwise invaluable learning approaches a hindrance.

When networks reach their peak capacity and the Internet slows, applications become buggy and user experiences are frustrated. Teachers waste valuable student-facing time troubleshooting software and waiting for devices to load.

Unfortunately, many schools see the network agreements with state government assigned ISPs as a non-negotiable limit on the services they can take advantage of.

Connected classrooms are everywhere from primary schools to universities.

The reality is much more positive. Many of these problems can be solved with minimal expense and effort, thanks to the services offered by Broadband Solutions.

Over the past few years, we have helped schools get the most out of their technology programs by tailoring them affordable, flexible and fast broadband solutions. Solutions often include the installation of a secondary high-speed network connection to supplement department supplied Internet and the introduction of flexible bandwidth arrangements that ensure schools never pay for more data than they are using.

Additionally, each school is provided with free ongoing support from a dedicated Account Manager, freeing up teachers and IT to focus on teaching rather than technical troubleshooting.
When it is operating correctly, technology allows us to provide more effective education to our children than ever before.

If your school is facing network congestion or Internet connectivity problems, contact us today for an obligation free discussion about the wide range of solutions available.

Last modified: May 4, 2015