Microbusiness: How to make the most of your internet connection

For solo or micro businesses with only one or two employees, much of the focus is on keeping costs as low as possible. For many micro businesses that rely on the internet to conduct their day-to-day operations, using ADSL2+ connections may not be enough to satisfy the demands of cloud services, sending and receiving large files (500MB+) and streaming HD video conferencing. On average, a Midband Ethernet or Fibre Optic connection is more expensive than ADSL2+, but do the benefits outweigh the added costs?

Broadband connections save you on call costs

A Midband Ethernet link of up to 80Mbps can save you on call costs without impacting voice quality by dedicating a portion of your link to Voice over IP. (VoIP.) VoIP uses your internet connection to carry voice calls. VoIP can also be easily configurable by allowing calls to be redirected to your mobile when you are out of the office and can even provide your callers with a welcome message or IVR to ensure they speak with the right person.

Other benefits of VoIP compared to a traditional landline phone is that you can scale up the amount of handsets or lines without additional physical lines being installed or other hardware changes. VoIP, compared to a landline telephone line, works out significantly cheaper on call costs and line rental, especially if you decide to do away with your landline.

Broadband connections free up bandwidth

If your business is situated far away from an ADSL2+ DSLAM (exchange) you may know the struggle of downloading large files even when one other user is active on your network. ADSL2+ quality degrades due to poor infrastructure between you and your exchange, high usage in the area (known as “contested” usage) and even the telephone wiring in your own home or office. A Midband Ethernet or Fibre Optic solution can be uncontested, which means you are guaranteed the speeds you purchase, regardless of your distance from the exchange or other users on the network.

Higher bandwidth means higher productivity

If your business relies on high bandwidth services such as remote file servers, HD or 4K streaming and/or teleconferencing, waiting for files to download or streams to buffer can rob you of your time – and your productivity. Not only that, maxing out your bandwidth for syncing also means your business grinds to a halt, since light browsing grows more difficult. A broadband connection can cut that waiting time significantly, which allows you or your employees to get on with work quicker.

Broadband connections are more reliable

As mentioned earlier, many Midband Ethernet and Fibre Optic connections are uncontended. This also means they are more reliable. Gaining peak speeds on ADSL2+ is an impossibility in many areas, due to distance. Broadband connections come with guarantees on service, where as many ADSL2+ do not or cannot, simply because the technology is incapable of keeping any such promises.  A business must be able to rely on their connection and get the most out of it from a cost-benefit perspective.

Broadband Solutions’ Business Internet plans offer a secure, dedicated, and uncontended link. We guarantee our service with a 99.95% Service Level Agreement; and many other features. For more information, contact Broadband Solutions today.

Last modified: November 4, 2016