Why should you have a redundant internet connection?

Having your business connected to the internet today is just as important to a business in the 1950s having reliable power. In many cases, if your internet goes down, so does your business. Emails go unanswered, leaving partners and clients in the dark. Files stored in the cloud are inaccessible and your apps become almost useless. Customers may not even be able to reach you by phone and your productivity (and profit!) begins to plummet.

Every good business strategy mitigates risk in some way. Installing a redundant internet connection is one method to ensure your business is always online.

What is a redundant internet connection?

In simple terms, a redundant internet connection or a backup internet connection is a link to the internet that activates when your main internet connection fails. This is to ensure your computer and network will always be connected and ‘online’. Depending on your network setup this can be a manual process such as pulling out a certain network cable and replacing it with another cable of the redundant internet link; a software configuration change; or it could be a fully automated process with specialised networking equipment performing what is known as an ‘autofailover’.

How much does an internet outage cost you?

A single internet connection is never 100% reliable. Your connection could fail due to a number of reasons such as upstream interference, natural disasters, accident damage, technical malfunctions – the list goes on. Internet connections can – and do – fail from time to time. Having a redundant internet connection can keep your business connected without waiting for IT, other technicians or your Internet Service Provider to restore your link. We’ve discussed how a slow internet connection can cost your business money – just imagine how much it will cost your business if you don’t have any internet connection at all – for a few minutes, hours, or even days!

Mitigate unforeseen circumstances

Relying on one link and internet carrier is like running your business without having a insurance policy. Connecting another internet connection to your office or workplace gives you peace of mind if your primary internet connection goes down for whatever reason. Broadband Solutions can help install redundant internet connections that integrate into your current network infrastructure. This ‘autofailover’ seamlessly switches over so your productivity is never affected. Not only that, it gives you and your staff greater peace of mind.

Redundant internet connection options

We recommend that the secondary redundant internet connection should use a different carrier or network. If your connections are from the same provider and their entire network goes down, so does your internet redundancy.

If a different carrier is unavailable, it is recommended to use a different technology to your main connection.

Did you know, Broadband Solutions is ‘carrier neutral’ and can provide your business with a primary and redundant internet connection using different technologies and different carrier networks and provide this to you all under the one single monthly bill?

It makes business sense to install a connection of comparable bandwidth to keep work flowing without significant speed downgrade or interruption.

Would you forgo business insurance?

Broadband Solutions’ Business Internet Solutions is able to find your business a tailored solution to ensure your organisation has internet redundancy. We also offer services to assist your organisation in setting and configuring your redundant internet connection within your organisation’s network infrastructure. For more information on how your business can establish a redundant internet connection, contact us today.

Last modified: January 20, 2017

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