Why #GenNBN should influence your IT planning

“There is one feature that has galvanised Australians across every generation since WWII and possibly longer and that is the irrepressible pursuit of lifestyle” – Bernard Salt

This month, NBN Co released an interesting report compiled by KPMG demographer Bernard Salt. The report looks at the ways in which Australians use technology in their daily lives. Unsurprisingly, the trends reflect the Australian way of life and highlight our affinity for a generous work life balance.

Australians have always been fast adopters of new technology. Today, our habits illustrate a boundless hunger for more efficient and personalised services across all facets of our life. For businesses, it’s important to understand the online habits and motives of Australian consumers. Online services can take many forms and it’s important that your business has an offering that actually assists your customers in the way they want.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the reports most interesting facts to give you some insight into the future of technology use in Australia and how it might impact business.

Online shop-a-holics

Last year, over 10 million Australians made at least one e-commerce transaction. It’s absolutely vital for modern businesses to have an accessible online presence if they want to remain competitive. Those that have a lacklustre or non existent online experience will miss out on a huge piece of the pie. Businesses looking to jump ahead of the competition should be looking to create highly personalised user experiences to help attract and retain more customers.

A global people

In 2014, over 28% of the Australian population was born outside of Australia and there were over eight million outbound trips overseas. It’s clear that we are physically well connected with the wider world. Savvy businesses will take advantage of these connections to expand their markets. It will become increasingly important for Australian organisations to implement effective cloud solutions so that mobile staff, customers and stakeholders have seamless access to the information they need, wherever they may be.

Hungry for news

Where do Australians increasingly go to get their news? You guessed it, the Internet. 54% of Internet users engage in blogs and online communities. Today, businesses have to ensure they are well positioned to engage in conversations relevant to the community they service. While having a business blog and a presence on social media is important, active and relevant engagement with clients is what makes a business stand out from the crowd.

Flexible workers

49% of Australians are digital workers, completing a large some of their work online or using the Internet. As broadband speeds increase, businesses will be able to streamline their operations and reduce overheads by offering staff flexible working arrangements in locations around the country. Gone are the days where a large office in a capital city CBD is necessary to run a successful business. While it’s been touted as the next big thing for some time now, it’s only in the last couple of years that telecommuting has really come of age.

Well connected

50% of Australians do more than five activities online. These activities include things like shopping, banking, socialising and reading. This finding reinforces the fact that the Internet has become a core part of our daily lives. Clever business can take advantage of this normalisation by ensuring their products and services fit in seamlessly within their customers existing digital ecosystems. Companies like Spotify and Uber have revolutionised their respective industries by creating products that fit within existing usage habits. Australian businesses need to reflect on their industries and look at ways in which they can integrate their offerings into their customers habits.

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Image Credit: Nosha

Last modified: September 11, 2015