The Langham Melbourne

“We now have a faster and more reliable internet connection
which keeps our guests happy”

Neeraj Subramanian,
IT Manager, The Langham Melbourne


The Langham Melbourne was suffering from an often-faulty guest network, which was affecting customer satisfaction levels. Thanks to a tailored solution and dedicated support from Broadband Solutions the hotel now enjoys 99.95% uptime, resulting in happier customers and better deployment of IT and customer service time and resources.


Situated in Southbank, the exclusive riverside precinct of Melbourne, The Langham is a 25-floor hotel with 387 luxuriously appointed rooms including 45 Executive Club rooms and 11 suites. Voted the top hotel in Melbourne in Travel & Leisure USA‘World’s 500 Best Hotels’ list for both 2010 and 2011 The Langham is placed amongst the Top 20 Hotels in the Oceania region in the Condé Nast Traveler US Readers’ Choice Awards 2010.


Ensuring guests can connect to a fast and reliable internet connection is an essential component of the high quality service that guests enjoy during their stay at The Langham. Many business travellers rely upon the internet connection in order to conduct business and communicate with their headquarters while leisure travellers often use the internet for researching local attractions, catching up with news back home and communicating with friends and family.

A fixed wireless service provided the Langham with an internet connection for their guest network but the connection was prone to the occasional drop out, particularly when the weather was bad, and there was no back-up connection that could be used to keep services online.

“When guest internet services are offline, this impacts on average between 40 -100 guests a day who depend on the use of the internet. Continuity of services during faults is very important as this has flow-on effects to our guests and ultimately to our business” says

Neeraj Subramanian, IT Manager at The Langham Melbourne.

As a result The Langham’s customer service team were required to spend extra time to placate guests while their IT team could be tied up resolving connectivity issues when they would be better utilised in other areas of the business.


The Langham identified the need for a more reliable internet connection with built in redundancy for their guest network. They wanted to be able to guarantee that their guests could always connect to the internet during their stay and while conducting business at their hotel.

Neeraj Subramanian says they turned to Broadband Solutions for advice who acted quickly to identify their requirements and propose a solution.

“Broadband Solutions were a 3rd party provider to us and we had found them to be very responsive and easy to deal with. When we commenced exploring options for upgrades to our internet services, we asked them for advice. They took the time to hear our concerns and identify our business needs and then set about tailoring a solution specifically for our requirements. The solution proposed was very competitively priced but more importantly, had the bandwidth we needed, fail-safe redundancy built in, 24/7 support and one point of contact, which has resulted in improved service delivery across the business and a higher level of guest satisfaction.”

The Broadband Solutions proposal for The Langham included a Midband Ethernet, 10 Mbps/10 Mbps connection with unlimited data, as well as a fully managed Cisco router and a redundant ADSL2+ service. These services are delivered and managed by Broadband Solutions by implementing dual carrier redundancy on the Broadband Solutions network and who provide the Langham with a single point of contact for all their internet requirements.

“Each service automatically backs up the other, so we are never without an internet connection. If one link drops out the other automatically takes over – so quickly that neither our staff or guests even notice or are affected” explains Subramanian.

Broadband Solutions pro-actively monitor the internet connections to The Langham, issue notification alerts of connectivity problems, provide monthly reports of usage and include a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with a guaranteed minimum of 99.95% uptime.

  • Dual carrier redundancy guarantees 99.95% uptime
  • Backed by industry grade Service Level Agreement
  • One point of contact and one monthly invoice

“We now have a faster and more reliable internet connection which keeps our guests happy. The one point of contact saves us untold hours of labour. In the event of an outage of one of our services, I am advised of the outage and also what is being done to ensure guest impact is kept to a minimum” says Subramanian.

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