Thornlie Christian College

“The superiority of the products Broadband Solutions supply
means we rarely need to seek out support.”

Antony Street
IT Manager, Thornlie Christian College


Founded in 1984, Thornlie Christian College has become an interdenominational Christian College which provides a complete Christian education from Kindergarten to Year 12. The College produces high calibre graduates and through its commitment to individualised pastoral care and the learning needs of its students, has built a reputation for excellence. Thornlie Christian College believes that educational goals are best achieved by providing continuity for students in an atmosphere where they have the opportunity to excel.

With technology now super-charging how we learn today, and transforming the learning experience, students are able to access an incredible amount of new opportunities. In order for this to succeed however, students and their teachers need consistent and secure access to online learning tools, and the right solutions to keep up with modern technology.


Previously, because of their location, Thornlie Christian College had a fixed wireless connection of 100mbps which they were consistently exceeding, causing significant congestion and disruption to both students and faculty.

Additionally, the phone system that had been recommend to them, was ill fitted to their needs and was costing them in excess of 40k to implement, plus another 12k for hardware and was taking months to get working.


  • Hosted Smart PABX
  • 1000Mbps Ethernet over Fibre

“Broadband Solutions had been recommended to us from another school who said they were very happy with the pricing and services, both of which are extremely important to us. The pricing Broadband Solutions offered was outstanding compared to other providers and remains competitive. Other schools we talk to now are surprised at how much we get for the price we pay”.

“When we contacted Broadband Solutions, they came to us with a thorough understanding of what we needed and how to implement it in the most efficient and cost effective way. The solutions offered to us meant our phone system was switched over within a week, telephone lines ported, everything done, and now no-one ever complains about the phones”.

“Additionally, after switching over to Broadband Solutions internet, we don’t have a problem with the connection anymore, it not only meets, but exceeds expectations. We’ve had quite a few people offer training here over the years and everyone always comments on how amazing the internet is”.
– Antony Street, IT Manager at Thornlie Christian College


“Before Broadband Solutions took over, a constant thing we used to hear was, ‘oh the internet is down again’, but now that Broadband solutions are supplying our internet, it’s just not something that is said anymore”.

“The superiority of the products Broadband Solutions supply means we rarely need to seek out support. On the odd occasion when we have needed them for something, they’ve been brilliant. Everything we need is always dealt with very quickly, within minutes.”

“We highly recommend Broadband Solutions and have already done so to quite a few other schools”.
– Antony Street, IT Manager at Thornlie Christian College