The Company

TV4Education is an Australian based multimedia platform that provides secure, safe and educational video content directly to the classroom. The platform boasts a library of over 82,000 programs from channels including the Discovery, National Geographic, ABC, Lifestyle, History, and SBS; all of which can be accessed via an easy to use online interface that works in any modern web browser. Schools can request programs from over 100 channels and don’t need to invest in expensive local storage. TV4Education simplifies classroom video so that teachers can focus on delivering high quality teaching.

The Problem

TV4Education hosts all programs on internal servers, providing compressed streams to schools across the internet. Despite utilising state of the art compression on all streams, TV4Education needed an exceptionally high level of bandwidth to ensure that services were delivered seamlessly. Given the company’s promise to simplify video delivery, TV4Education was after a solution that could guarantee reliability and quality.

‘We needed to bring down the costs to make sure our solution was affordable, sustainable and reliable. The main challenge was addressing the ever increasing volumes of data as more schools took up the service. The bandwidth and traffic scales exponentially and we could not afford to have limitations or worse still inability to scale based on our predicted growth’ said Michael Fernandez, CEO of TV4Education.

The Options

TV4Education looked at a number of options, including moving their hosting services off-site.
‘We looked at hosting our service in a commercial data centre like Google, Microsoft, Amazon and a host of other operators. We also looked at almost every other fibre service provider, checking their backup support as well as fees’ said Mr Fernandez. ‘The biggest deterrent was the up-scaling cost as more users got on board and traffic increased.’

The Solution

Broadband Solutions worked with TV4Education to develop a tailored solution that combined reliability, capability and affordability to meet the company’s unique needs. The primary feature of the solution was two dedicated data services, installed into TV4Education’s data centres. The dual connections provide TV4Education with high speeds and advanced redundancy to ensure that schools can always access their services.

Schools can further benefit from the solution by adding a Broadband Solutions link to their school. Whether the link replaces the school’s existing internet service or acts as a secondary connection, data that travels between the school and TV4Education will be ‘on net’ resulting in exceptionally low latency and additional security.

The Result

TV4Education is thrilled with their solution. As the company continues to grow at a rapid rate, its network is easily accommodating the additional traffic.

‘The solution has been perfect,’ said Mr Fernandez. ‘When it came to cost, no one even came close to what Broadband Solutions could provide. Service and support has been exceptional in the initial setup and configuration phase and as far as ongoing support is concerned, we have not had any issues. The connection has been very stable with tens of thousands of connections and hundreds of terabytes of continuous data streaming. It would be very difficult to consider any alternatives from our perspective based on the history and normal daily usage and uptime of this service’ said Mr Fernandez.

Solution at a glance

  • Dual fibre links across two data centres.
  • Fully redundant network solution.
  • Integrated support and service.

PDF – Broadband Solutions Case Study – TV4Education

Last modified: April 4, 2016

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