10 Reasons why businesses ought to reap the benefits of Fibre Internet

Waiting, waiting, waiting – if that’s what you seem to be doing in front of the computer, your Internet connection is the first to blame. Slow internet is a huge cause of lost productivity, customer frustration and missing out on critical business opportunities. Fibre internet is blazing fast but comes with higher prices compared to (the much slower) ADSL2+ or […]

Bits, bytes and bandwidth – the need for speed explained

The computing world is full of jargon. We’ve adopted some of it into our everyday lives: “online”, “Google”, and of course, “Broadband.” We know that broadband is a fast connection, especially compared to the slow-old days of dial-up internet. The speed a Dial-up internet connection topped out at is “56k”. This was a theoretical speed, and many technical factors had […]

A Hosted PABX Is The Best Phone System For Your Business

When it comes time to expand your business, you will need a phone system to service your new employees and better serve your customers. Gone are the days of traditional landline phones – you will need a complete and robust phone system. Now they are more affordable than ever, and give you many more benefits and features for the same […]

Why should you have a redundant internet connection?

Having your business connected to the internet today is just as important to a business in the 1950s having reliable power. In many cases, if your internet goes down, so does your business. Emails go unanswered, leaving partners and clients in the dark. Files stored in the cloud are inaccessible and your apps become almost useless. Customers may not even […]

Benefits of IoT for Business

Australia’s IoT (Internet of Things) market is tipped to be valued at A$1 billion by 2020. While we are in the early stages of growth, the industry is already laying the foundation for this huge industry’s growth in the year’s to come.

While it has so much further to go, the Internet of Things revolution has already begun. We can now […]

Why businesses are cutting off landlines for an affordable alternative

It’s getting harder and harder to find residents and businesses paying for a landline telephone these days, especially in the age of ubiquitous mobile phone coverage. If you run a small business, it makes good sense to separate your personal and business phones. However, running two mobiles (or plans, via a Dual SIM) is not a complete solution.

In business, especially […]

Where The Music Industry Trend Is Heading

The music industry has come a long way since the phonograph, (which eventually became the record player), was invented in 1877. We’ve gone from giant machines carrying single, recorded tracks, to carrying tens of millions of songs in our pocket.

On that journey, the music industry has shifted massively as new technology arrived. We’ve seen tape players and boomboxes come by, […]

Microbusiness: How to make the most of your internet connection

For solo or micro businesses with only one or two employees, much of the focus is on keeping costs as low as possible. For many micro businesses that rely on the internet to conduct their day-to-day operations, using ADSL2+ connections may not be enough to satisfy the demands of cloud services, sending and receiving large files (500MB+) and streaming HD […]

Top tech trends of 2016

It’s been an interesting year for technology in 2016. While we haven’t seen breakthrough consumer devices that attract the media’s attention like the original iPhone, there have been subtle advances across the board that are changing our lives every day.
One of the biggest changes is with how we buy and pay for things. It’s estimated that people buying things using […]

How are Australians using the Internet?

In a report recently published by Domain, it showed that the quality of internet service is the single most important thing people in New South Wales look for when seeking a new home, which is no surprise when you realise how many of us are online.

While on the surface, this might not seem relevant to businesses. The way consumers are using the internet in […]

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