2014 IIIC to highlight importance of a high-tech education

29 July 2014: Broadband Solutions, one of Australia’s most successful business internet service providers will be a key sponsor of this year’s Ignite, Innovate, Integrate ICT Conference, to be held at Kingswood Primary School in Melbourne on the 15th August 2014.

The conference will showcase the importance of technology education in schools by allowing some of the nation’s top educators to share ideas and teaching strategies. The conference has attracted a wide range of speakers including Dr Tim Kitchen, Chris Betcher and 14-year-old entrepreneur Leio Oshima Mclaren.

Sam Bashiry, Managing Director of Broadband Solutions said: “Educating our youth for the jobs of tomorrow is something the team at Broadband Solutions is incredibly passionate about.

“The workforce of the future needs to be capable, innovative and passionate. This sponsorship is a perfect way of helping emphasise the importance of targeted training from day one.” The conference will bring together educators from all over Australia to discuss ways how information technology can be more effectively taught in schools. Speakers will share their vision for the future of education and how to best help students prepare for 21st century employment.

“Kingswood Primary School understands the critical importance of a ‘high tech’ training, having already invested significantly in fast, reliable internet from Broadband Solutions, and we have developed an innovative ITC program for our students,” said Aaron Cox from Kingswood Primary school.

“This conference will help other schools reconcile the importance of ITC skills and discover ways in which they can enhance their ITC teaching.”

Last modified: March 23, 2016