Broadband Solutions on the lookout for investment opportunities

20 October 2015: Sam Bashiry, Managing Director of Broadband Solutions, one of Australia’s fastest growing Internet service providers, is on the lookout for new investment opportunities, calling for pitches from entrepreneurs and small businesses looking for funding.

The announcement follows another successful year for Broadband Solutions, whose turnover increased by 93.1% to $15 million. Today, the company ranked 31st in the 2015 BRW Fast 100.

“Today’s result reinforces Broadband Solutions position as a firmly established company. We have a large customer base and a diversified product offering. It’s an exciting stage for us and the perfect time for us to invest in new technologies,” said Mr. Bashiry.

“Australia has a world class education system and is home to some of the world’s greatest innovators. I want to help new and revolutionary ideas move into production. I want to share the lessons I’ve learnt building Broadband Solutions with new businesses to help them grow just as quickly as we did.”

The company is looking for opportunities in a variety of sectors but will give preference to organisations working in the telecommunications space.

“Obviously opportunities that align with our existing business will be able to gain the biggest benefit from our expertise and experience.”

Mr. Bashiry also emphasised the importance of ongoing government support for small business.

“Small business in Australia needs every bit of assistance possible to ensure that revolutionary ideas get off the ground. We live in an expensive, wealthy country built on great entrepreneurship. We have to make sure that we offer the same chance to today’s new businesses and don’t bury them in red tape and taxes from Day 1.”

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Media Release – Broadband Solutions on the lookout for investment opportunities – 201015

Last modified: October 20, 2015