Broadband Solutions to showcase Bandwidth on Demand at EduTech 2015

25 May 2015: Broadband Solutions, one of Australia’s most reliable and fast growing education sector internet service providers, will be showcasing their unique Bandwidth on Demand service to this year’s EduTech National Congress & Expo. Bandwidth on Demand is a completely new way of providing high speed network connections to Australian schools with unmatched affordability.

“We’ve had countless teachers speak to us, expressing their frustration over their campuses debilitatingly slow internet. Bandwidth on Demand helps schools meet fluctuating bandwidth needs while only paying for data used,” said Sam Bashiry, Managing Director of Broadband Solutions.

Schools can incrementally increase and decrease their bandwidth as usage changes over time. This means they will never pay for more than they need, but will always have the ability to instantly cater for increased usage.

“Our approach to Internet bandwidth management focuses on the user’s temporal needs. Network administrators can modify bandwidth limits, based on usage, to ensure costs are kept at an absolute minimum and that available bandwidth is always capable of supporting all devices on campus,” said Mr. Bashiry.

“Australian schools need to encourage the use of digital technology in all facets of learning. This can be difficult when limited bandwidth forces technology to work only intermittently or not at all. BYOD and cloud programs are only effective when they work seamlessly. Broadband Solutions’ Bandwidth on Demand helps teachers focus on teaching rather than technical trouble shooting,” said Mr. Bashiry.

Schools with multiple Broadband Solutions connected campuses can also benefit from increased network security and transfer speeds because all data will be kept within Broadband Solutions’ secure network.

With high upload speeds, schools taking advantage of cloud services will see performance improvements across facets of digital work. Speed benefits extend to the homes of students and teachers, providing faster communication between data hosted on campus and homes.

“Broadband Solutions puts schools and education first by giving them power to help their students when they need it,” concluded Mr. Bashiry.

To find out how Bandwidth on Demand can help your school connect innovation with education Visit Stand 95 at EduTech 2015 or contact Broadband Solutions today by phone 1300 683 000 or email

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Last modified: September 11, 2015

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