Compass and Broadband Solutions Partner Up to Speed Up Aussie Schools

27 October 2015: Compass and Broadband Solutions, two of Australia’s fastest growing Education technology companies have joined forces to provide schools across Australia with a new way to access Australia’s most trusted and capable school management platform. Schools can now access the cutting edge Compass school management platform through Broadband Solutions’ Digital Education Fund, a pool of up to $18,000 available to schools who sign up to new Broadband Solutions’ Internet services.

“This is an exciting partnership for both our companies. We have the same clients and our services work exceptionally well together. It makes sense from a customer service point of view for us to work together,” said Sam Bashiry, Managing Director of Broadband Solutions.

“Compass prides itself on helping schools become more efficient and manageable. This partnership will help us help schools get the most out of our platform,” said John de la Motte, Director of Compass.

Compass through Broadband Solutions is not only more affordable, it’s better. Broadband Solutions is able to provide schools with an unparalleled Compass experience by keeping all traffic ‘On Net’. This is because Compass already runs on Broadband Solutions’ state-of-the-art network. When schools sign up to a new Broadband Solutions service, all network traffic between the school and Compass will be on the same network. This results in faster and more reliable service.

“We understand that the digital classroom is placing unprecedented demands on school network infrastructure. Our services already help schools across the country access the bandwidth they need at highly competitive price. This partnership will provide extra value to schools who want to become capable modern educators,” said Sam Bashiry, Managing Director of Broadband Solutions.  

The fund sits atop Broadband Solutions’ envied Bandwidth on Demand technology, through which schools incrementally increase and decrease their bandwidth as their usage changes over time. The technology ensures schools only pay for the data they need while retaining the ability to instantly cater for increased usage.

“Our approach to Internet bandwidth management focuses on the school’s temporal needs. Network administrators can modify bandwidth limits, based on usage, to ensure costs are kept at an absolute minimum and that available bandwidth is always capable of supporting all devices on campus,” said Mr. Bashiry.

Over the past 3 years, Broadband Solutions has worked closely with educators to develop tailored network solutions that address the unique challenges of the education sector. Boasting a highly flexible and affordable suite of essential services, including voice and internet connectivity, and cloud storage and software deployment, Broadband Solutions has been able to improve the learning experience of countless students.

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Last modified: October 27, 2015