Kingswood Primary School accesses future of education thanks to Broadband Solutions

26 May 2014: Broadband Solutions, one of Australia’s most successful business internet service providers, has developed a clever solution to allow students and teachers at Kingswood Primary School, an innovative Victorian primary school educator, to sidestep a disabling shortage of internet bandwidth.

Sam Bashiry, Managing Director of Broadband Solutions said: “We are huge fans of Kingswood’s approach to teaching and we really wanted to make sure they had the best, most efficient internet solution available.”

“The school had implemented both a staff based ‘Bring Your Own Device’ program, and senior student iPad program, but began to suffer from severe bandwidth problems as more and more devices came online within their network,” said Mr. Bashiry.

Bandwidth for Victorian schools is controlled centrally by the Department of Education and is supplied to individual schools based on the number of students enrolled. Due to large demands, certain sites including Apple, Google and YouTube, are throttled to help the department allocate bandwidth evenly.

Broadband Solutions rectified the problem by installing a single fibre data connection to the school, alongside the Department provided connection, linked with a powerful manageable router. The solution provides the school with speedy access to the sites they need, with a simple interface for the network manager to keep inappropriate websites away from students.

Aaron Cox, Kingswood Primary School’s ICT Coordinator said: “We approached Broadband Solutions knowing that they had strong experience in the hospitality sector, a sector whose dynamic use of bandwidth mirrored our own.”

“They came to us with a comprehensive plan that met all of our requirements, offering reliable high speed internet connection and a simple interface for its moderation. It’s far superior to what we had before and it’s proving to be an invaluable resource to our students.”

“We are now looking at ways to expand our iPad and technology programs to all areas of the school. It’s a very exciting time and we are eager to see how else we can help our students make the most of the technology out there.”

Broadband Solutions is increasingly focused on powering the education solutions of Australia. Their experience in the hospitality industry and with large corporations and SME’s, delivering tailored internet and communications solutions, has positioned them perfectly for the dynamic education industry.

Last modified: September 11, 2015