New approach to technology gives hotels competitive edge

16 April 2014: Hotels can now offer guests free Wi-Fi, and local and STD calls, while reducing their overall operating costs, thanks to a brand new approach to telephony technology developed by Broadband Solutions, one Australia’s most successful business internet service providers.

Broadband Solutions has developed a one-of-a-kind, IP-based, full-feature PABX framework that can be used for all phone calls and internet by both guests and hotel administration. The unique solution is operated through a single fibre connection, offering exceptional speeds and high quality voice and video calls for a fraction of traditional costs.

The technology recently made its commercial debut at the brand new Atura Blacktown Hotel, a AHL property in Sydney’s burgeoning West, where it has dramatically improved customer experience and streamlined administrative procedures.

Hotels can reduce operating costs while offering guest complimentary premium services

Globally accessible, scalable and customisable hotel phone, internet and administration network enables streamlined processes

“We approached Atura with the offer of a one-stop shop solution that included Internet, PABX, and a Telco provider all-in-one. The approach has worked amazingly well and we are expecting more and more properties to adopt the technology as they realise the huge benefits on offer,” said Sam Bashiry, Managing Director of Broadband Solutions.

“It’s a completely unique approach in that it’s a total IP solution, so calls are being carried in a very cheap manner,” said Craig Simpson, Head of Hotel Technology at AHL. “It was a huge competitive advantage going to market being able to offer our guests free local and STD calls.”

In addition to providing guests with high quality services, the approach provides a single network solution that is extremely well-suited to today’s global, mobile workforce.

“Staff can be on-site or off-site anywhere in the world and calls will go to their device, which acts as a desk phone. They could be in Jamaica and that digital extension will ring on their mobile,” said Simpson.

The system has been developed in-house by Broadband Solutions and has a wide range of applications from hotels and schools to call centres and government departments.

“Our offering is the future of telecommunications for business and will fundamentally change the way businesses think about telecommunication,” said Mr. Bashiry.

Last modified: March 19, 2015