Shaun Grigg in hot demand as midfielder preps for 150th game

Shaun Grigg in hot demand as midfielder preps for 150th game.

  • Shaun to join Broadband Solutions as a business development manager alongside his football commitments.
  • Sam Bashiry, Managing Director of Broadband Solutions will mentor Grigg in the new position.

15 April 2016: Today, Richmond midfielder Shaun Grigg will run onto the field for his 150th match. When he does, he will do so knowing that his career is far from over, having signed a new type of contract with Broadband Solutions, joining the company as its newest business development manager. The fast growing internet service provider approached Grigg as part of its recent hiring spree. Under the mentorship of Broadband Solutions’ Managing Director Sam Bashiry, Grigg will be applying many of his on-field skills to help build the capabilities of the company’s sales team.

“Shaun has great personal drive, is ambitious, and is without a doubt an excellent team player. These are all skills that are found in the best employees,” said Mr. Bashiry. “We’re always looking to acquire the best talent and that means looking in a whole range of places. Technical ability can be taught, but passion and drive cannot.”

At 27, Grigg has plenty of football left in him, but the chance to learn and apply his skills to a new field of work was too good an opportunity to pass up. Already, the new position has been a rewarding experience.

“It’s been fantastic to see how Sam operates. He knows his stuff and it’s fascinating to see many skills are shared across business and professional sport,” said Grigg.

“Training drives on the job performance and at the end of each day, reflection on what worked and what didn’t helps us make improvements for the next time round. I’ve learnt a lot already,” said Grigg.

Sam met Shaun through mutual friends and has been mentoring him for the last three months in all facets of entrepreneurship, technology and business.

“Shaun is motivated, down to earth and humble. That makes for a great learner,” said Mr. Bashiry. “The type of personal dedication required to make it to the top of professional sport is the same as that required to be a successful entrepreneur.”

Broadband Solutions has been expanding its team extensively over the past three months in support of recent service expansions to New Zealand and Asia.

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Last modified: April 18, 2016