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Secure cloud storage

DSC_5484_cloud_storage_webpageBroadband Solutions offer secure and redundant storage options for your business. We offer various options ranging from simple drive solutions to upload your files to a secure cloud server, through to co-locating hardware in our various data centre locations.

One major advantage with a cloud storage solution is the ability to have offsite, secure backups of your data and servers. Not only can file storage be backed up, but also complete server images which can then be ready to be deployed on replacement servers or even cloud virtual servers. Cloud storage is a crucial part of any business as it ensures important data is never lost.

Our storage solutions are fast, reliable and most importantly secure.

  • 24/7 remote access to your cloud solution
  • Onsite access available to our data centres
  • Australian based engineers and help desk available for any technical support
  • Solutions that work on any device (use your smartphone, laptop or tablet to connect to your drive)
  • Pure backup only solutions that allow for secure and fast off site backups
  • Redundant services so your data will never be lost
  • Easy, simple affordable plans for all solution options

Call us today to discuss how our data storage solutions can work for you.

An Australian Leader

Broadband Solutions purpose-built one of Australia’s largest and most reliable IP networks specifically for business. Our network carries the internet and telephony traffic for some of Australia’s largest companies and government departments, as well as over 80% of hotels in Australia.

By using only the latest and most robust hardware and software we have achieved an impressive network uptime of over 99.95% since we launched our network in 2005. We are a privately owned Australian company, employing local staff and operating out of offices in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

ownCloud – The Benchmark Solution

ownCloud is an open-source enterprise file sync and share platform that is securely hosted on Broadband Solutions’ national Australian network, designed to provide  you with high speed, secure, and  low-latency access to your data. ownCloud’s Universal File Access provides you with access to all of your files across all of your systems, through a single, easy-to-use interface. Users can access company files on any device, anytime, from anywhere in the world, while IT administrators can manage, control and audit file sharing activity to ensure security and compliance measures are met.

With over 2 million users, ownCloud is the preferred file sharing solution for enterprises across the globe.

Simple, Universal System Integration

Corporate IT systems are complex and have often been developed over many years, consisting of multiple systems, servers, and tools deployed at different times, for different purposes, by different people. The last thing you want to do is add another module for file sharing, but you also don’t want your confidential corporate information being passed around on consumer-grade applications.  You need a solution that lets you leverage your existing infrastructure without duplicating or moving data, that helps you regain control of security and sharing, and allows your staff to collaborate on-the-go.

Broadband Solutions’ ownCloud is the answer.

Easy Access To All Of Your Data

ownCloud provides Universal File Access through a common file access layer regardless of where the data lives – in applications, object stores, on-premise storage or in the cloud. Data is kept where it is while IT is able to manage proprietary information and business risk; leveraging existing data management, security and governance tools and processes.

Whether in SharePoint, on a Windows network drive or in cloud storage, users have a single interface from which they can access, sync and share files on any device, anytime, from anywhere — all completely managed, secured and controlled by the expert team at Broadband Solutions.

Any Device, Any Location

Sharing – Racing for a flight when you receive an urgent request for a mission-critical file? Don’t worry about firing up your laptop, connecting to the internet, accessing your VPN, starting email, and attaching the file. Simply open the ownCloud app on your phone, select the file and share it. Done.

Whether your files are in SharePoint, on a Windows network drive, in cloud storage or anywhere else, your users will be able to securely access them from the same, simple interface on any device, from any location .

Syncing – You are working on the final presentation for your big product launch. You save the last version on your desktop, grab your iPad and run for the airport. As you taxi for takeoff you open the ownCloud app to find the latest file waiting for your final touches, conveniently synced from your PC to the laptop.

With a sync client that keeps the web, desktop and mobile device on the same page, users don’t have to question if they have the latest file version. Running seamlessly in the background, ownCloud actively monitors any file changes and pushes the latest version to all devices and all relevant users wherever they are.

Security – With features like password protection, link expiration, anonymous and full access sharing, files can be securely managed by end-users, while administrators can easily track and audit file sharing activities, wherever staff are located, to keep corporate data safe and secure.

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