Broadband Solutions can now ensure that your patrons or guests are able to use their laptop, PDA or IP phone by creating a wireless hotspot in your pub, cafe, restaurant, hotel lobby and food court or other public area.

All you need is a Broadband Solutions Internet connection and a Broadband Solutions wireless hotspot to ensure that reliable high-speed wireless Internet access is readily available to your customers or guests.

CISCO Meraki

CISCO Meraki is Broadband Solutions recommended multi-site Wi-Fi solution. A powerful and scalable solution suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Centralised multi-site management

Monitor multiple sites from a single web-based console. Whether you operate multiple branch offices, franchises or stores, Meraki reduces the complexity of managing distributed deployments.

Fast and easy deployment

With Meraki, Broadband Solutions engineers do not need to install, configure or maintain on-site hardware. Hardware can be shipped directly to the installation point and configured remotely.

Scalability on demand

Meraki networks scale up automatically as new endpoints are deployed. Meraki’s smart cloud provisioning system can manage tens of thousands of endpoints per network.

Simplified branch network setup

Meraki hardware is simple to install. Just plug connect hardware to the internet and the devices will self-configure. Ongoing management can be performed remotely over the web. Automatic provisioning supports VPN and WAN optimisation, helping you create secure, high-performance links between sites.

Automatic cloud-based optimization

Meraki’s centralized service provides round-the-clock optimization of the network. Dynamic wireless channel planning monitors and mitigates interference, ensuring the network is operating at peak performance. Mesh routes are also constantly updated to ensure maximum client throughput.

Enterprise grade redundancy

Meraki’s highly available data centres with geographic redundancy give customers fault tolerance without incurring the expense of building multiple data centre. Even where a cloud link is disturbed, Meraki continues to serve clients, with only remote monitoring and control interrupted.

Secure solution

The Meraki data centre architecture is SSAE16/SAS70 type II certified and hardened against
physical and network intrusion, part of an overall solution that is PCI compliant. Meraki offers a suite of tools for securing administrator accounts, such as two factor authentication and role-based policies.

Effortless upgrades

Meraki’s hosted system makes upgrades trouble-free. Since the management system is web-based, new features do not need client or server-side upgrades. New features are added to the cloud dashboard several times per year without disruptive downtime.

Meraki also manages firmware upgrades centrally, freeing network administrators from involvement in keeping access points up-to-date. Firmware upgrades take place over-the-air in a secure, fault-tolerant fashion.

API Access and Historical Statistics

Having a hosted service available makes it easier to create enterprise applications that build on the network. Meraki offers a secure, XML-based API that can be used to produce custom monitoring and reporting applications, without installing additional software or hardware on site.

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