MYOB / SmartPABX™ Integration System

SmartPABX™ by Broadband Solutions

Let’s face it, chasing late payments on invoices is one of the toughest and most time consuming jobs for any small business owner. We understand that your time is better spent on growing your business so we’ve created the Broadband Solutions SmartPABX™ / MYOB Integration System to help you take care of business day-to-day.

SmartPABX™ with MYOB

The Broadband Solutions SmartPABX™ / MYOB Integration System will give you access to an exciting list of capabilities and features.

Automated late payment reminders

A system that contacts your clients via phone automatically, when they have outstanding payments, offering them a convenient pay by phone option.

SmartPABX MYOB Overdue

smartPABX MYOB Admin

  • MYOB customer list integration

Delight your customers by personalising your welcome greeting when they call. Synchronize your MYOB customer list with your SmartPABX™ contact list, and SmartPABX™ will display CallerID for incoming customer calls.

Automated time measuring

Automatically measure the time spent on the phone with your clients, and generate invoices matching your rates.

The system will even email the invoice automatically to your clients.

A seamless, hands¬off automation that means you never miss a any charges. Charge for all of your time, not just the time you remember!

SmartPABX MYOB Overdue

smartPABX MYOB Call Settings

  • Cost Savings

Enjoy low call rates and the efficiency of our FREE integrated MYOB service.

Save money by enjoying the benefits of our incredible low call plans. We tailor make your telephony solution to the way your business works and talks to your clients.

Broadband Solutions SmartPABX™ / MYOB Integration System; It’s billing made easy and will help you to maximise your cashflow and profitability!.

More SmartPABX™ Features

Instant, Automated PABX Creation

With automatic provisioning, you will have your SmartPABX™ up and running within 10 minutes.

Support for 2000+ Users/Extensions

Support over 2000 extensions with ease.

Web-based GUI

A web-based graphical user interface that gives you 100% control in every available configurable option. Not sure about something, we can make changes on your behalf.

Unlimited Call Recording

Record, search and listen to call recordings.

Ring Options

Call all, a group or single extensions simultaneously or in a sequential order.

Group and Individual Voicemail

Access all your voicemails from your phone, online or have it sent via email.

IVR's and Welcome Messages

Play welcome messages to your callers and ensure their reaches the correct person.

Reporting and Statistics

Analyse and view reports and statistics of your call details.

Live Call Monitoring

Listen, observe or coach your phone users while they are on a call.

And Loads More...

This is only the start of Broadband Solutions' SmartPABX™ features. Let us provide you with a free, no obligation demo of the power SmartPABX™ can bring to your business.

Why Broadband Solutions' SmartPABX™?

Integration & Compatibility

Our SmartPABX™ integrates with many popular CRM and Social Systems such as Salesforce and other CTI integration services.

Answer your calls from anywhere

Whether you are in the office, at home, on the go or overseas.

Feature Rich

Being built from the ground up, if there is a feature you are missing, we will work with you to develop it.

Plug and Play

Moving office? Just plug in your equipment at your new office and receive calls instantly.

Worried about downtime?

You will have peace of mind with our industry grade Service Level Agreement.

24 x 7 Australian Technical Support

All our customers have access to 24/7 Australian based customer support. Our expert technicians are located in Australia and can help you whenever you need it. It is our absolute priority that your solution is implemented smoothly from day one.

We've got the technical expertise

The Broadband Solutions support team are industry experts and hold a wide range of certifications. Certifications include: VM certification, Cisco Routing/Switching & Voice, Cisco Design Associate, Cisco Network Professional Routing/ Switching, and Microsoft certification.

Port your existing phone numbers

Use your existing phone numbers with our SmartPABX™, or purchase a new number range.

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