Public Area Internet Solutions

Increase your revenue – Deploying ‘free’ wifi and internet in public areas is a proven way of increasing your customer base and keeping your current customers there for longer.

Hotels have been offering common area access for so long that it has become the norm rather than the exception for today’s travellers.

Cafes are noticing tremendous repeat business from customers who like to access the internet, whether for work or play, while they are having a coffee or a meal.

Shopping Centres are able to provide maps and other customer information across a wireless network that customers can access via their smartphones. Broadband Solutions provides flexible solutions for supplying your public area with the coverage and speed it needs.

Public area internet benefits

  • Connected customers are happy customers
  • Ability to deploy a splash page with advertising
  • Access code solutions where your customer can get free access by entering a code that is supplied when they purchase an item (eg a coffee)
  • Social media plugins allowing you to enable an integrated solution whereby the customer logs in using their social media credentials, creating more ‘likes’ and publicity for your business
  • Fast installation
  • Completely secure
We can tailor a solution specific for your requirements

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