WiFi access within hotels is now an expected service by most travellers, especially business travellers, and a recent survey1 conducted in the US of 1,200 people from Asia, North America and Europe goes even further, suggesting that hotels that have poor WiFi service and availability may be losing more than a third of their business travel clientele. The study was conducted by a provider of ‘enterprise mobility services, such as 3G and WiFi connectivity for corporate clients, and highlights the increasing demand for high-quality WiFi connectivity for business travellers.

According to another survey2 conducted by American firm Deloitte, the vast majority of business travellers say that free high-speed internet is a key critera in choosing which hotel they stay at, while perhaps the most revealing statistic is that 36% of business travellers will take into account a bad WiFi experience they’ve had at a hotel when deciding whether to rebook – and that for 16% of business travellers, this bad experience can influence their decisions about an entire hotel chain.

Get your WiFi services sorted and reap the benefits!

Broadband Solutions will analyse your hotel’s requirements for WiFi access and in consultation with you and our on-site installation partners Cisco and Netcomm, tailor a solution specific to your needs and budget. We’ll ensure your guests are happy with their access to high-speed internet and subsequently improve your repeat and referral business.

Broadband Solutions specialises in providing WiFi hotspots and common area access to hotels and other hospitality providers. We tailor solutions specific to your hotel’s requirements, layout and budget and we only use the most robust hardware available from Cisco and Netcomm.

(1) Hospitality Findings Report 2010 – iPass Inc.
(2) Deloitte’s Business Traveler Survey 2011

WiFi benefits

  • Your guests can relax knowing they can stay connected for business or private use by using their laptop, PDA or IP phone from their guestroom or from the designated WiFi access areas of the hotel
  • Enjoy significant improvements in guest satisfaction, repeat and referral business
  • Fast installation with the minimum of disruption to your guests and staff
  • Save installation costs – extend and enhance your current services by utilising your existing infrastructure and only adding additional infrastructure where required
  • Save on data/bandwidth demands. Our unique bandwidth management tool ensures your hotel will be getting the most from your internet connection while protecting the data requirements of other business areas
  • Get only what you need – bandwidth and speed tailored to your specific common area requirements, visitor numbers and budget
  • Revenue generation options:
  • Sell casual internet access to customers who use a wireless Notebook or PDA
  • Place hotel marketing messages, special offers and 3rd party promotions on the log-in pages and receipts
  • Fully robust hardware from Cisco and Netcomm
  • Top level security:
  • Layer 2 security, which prevents a user from accessing another users data / traffic
  • VPN pass through allows your customers to securely connect to their own office network
  • Flexible and scalable as your requirements change
  • 99.95% guaranteed uptime with built-in, alternative carrier, redundancy options
  • Fully secure
  • 24/7 monitoring, management and support
  • Clearly defined SLAs for added peace of mind
We can tailor a solution specific for your requirements

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