Why #GenNBN should influence your IT planning

“There is one feature that has galvanised Australians across every generation since WWII and possibly longer and that is the irrepressible pursuit of lifestyle” – Bernard Salt
This month, NBN Co released an interesting report compiled by KPMG demographer Bernard Salt. The report looks at the ways in which Australians use technology in their daily lives. Unsurprisingly, the trends reflect the […]

Broadband Solutions announces results of Hospitality Trends: Internet Usage and Wifi Deployment Report

10 October 2014: Broadband Solutions, one of Australia’s most successful business internet service providers has released a report that charts the current landscape of internet usage and WiFi deployment in the Australian hospitality industry.

Broadband Solutions analysed the bandwidth of over 600 Australian hotels throughout 2013 and 2014, identifying the average bandwidth of hotels and analysing different trends in internet use.

“We […]

Hospitality Trends: Internet usage and Wifi deployment

This report summarises the current landscape of internet usage and Wifi deployment in the Australian hospitality industry. Trends, challenges and opportunities are identified and a snapshot of hotel chains and their current Internet bandwidth is provided.
Today’s guest at a hotel arrives with an average 3 devices – laptop, mobile, tablet and many of these devices can only use data when […]